How video can enhance your website

How video can enhance your website

Video content is taking the World by Storm, we take it for granted and we see it everywhere. On Facebook, Netflix, even Twitter, but in web design it's still relatively underused. Videos bring ideas to life in a simple and visual way. Today let us talk about different ways you can enhance your website using video.

Before we dive in, let's talk very briefly about the benefits of having video on your website. It's been proven not only to increase customer engagement and customer retention rate but it can also lead to a higher conversion rate. From an SEO perspective according to comscore having a video on your website can also increase your chances of having a front page by up to 53 times.

Let's talk about how we can enhance your website with video 

Talking Heads

Video utilises the power of storytelling. Whether it’s a client testimonial or a message from the Manager, Talking heads were one of the first ways that videos were used on websites and it continues to be relevant today. 

Videos are a great way to put your brand personality across to your customers, close gap between them and your brand with a story they can empathise with.

Visually Attractive

Want to grab attention of users? Videos are the first thing comes in my mind. This might be a video of a place or a product or maybe something more abstract. 

When using video as a form of decoration it's really important that it does not distract from the content of your website, that said, when done well it can really enhance engagement and interest in your content. 


Videos are great for promoting any product or service in a really engaging manner. It's a really great opportunity to get creative and communicate your brand message clearly. Today videos are important part of Sales pages and work really well. 


Guides or explainer videos are very important today, specially for online service providers or for any product that needs operating instructions. In a recent survey 54% of people agreed that they had watched videos to learn about a product. When done well you can explain very complex topics in a really simple manner and really go into detail about the benefits of your product or business.